Liquid Photopolymer Resins

A liquid photopolymer that has the same characteristics of those found in sheet photopolymer. Acclaim is truly a tack-free and clean running resin. Acclaim's pure, clear photopolymer images perfectly without losing fine detail. Reverses are deeper. Text is sharper. Halftones print with less dot gain. Acclaim is 30% more resilient than other liquid photopolymers. (Light finishing is required)

    ACCLAIM 25, 25 Durometer
    ACCLAIM 32, 32 Durometer

LF 25 C / LF 32 C
Tack-free and clean running, the Verbatim "C" family of liquid resins is the choice for high quality corrugated printing. The unique chemistry of the "C" resins reduces the cupping associated with other liquid resin thereby improving ink laydown and allowing higher press speeds. (Light finishing is not required)

    LF 25 C, 25 Durometer
    LF 32 C, 32 Durometer

HR 50
Sheet photopolymers have always been known to print finer detail than liquids until now. HR 50 is breakthrough technology that delivers the performance of sheets with the value of liquids. The reproductive capabilities of HR 50 in conjunction with its improved resiliency enhance the print qualities that rivals those qualities of sheets. The chemical make up of HR 50 provides tack free surface without the use of blooming agents which interfere with ink transfer and create a cloudy apearance in the plate.

    HR 50, 48-50 Durometer

Capping Resins
Enhance your graphics by using capping resins. Reverses become deeper and dot gain reduced by casting a thin layer in combination with other Verbatim resins. (sold in 20 lb. containers)

    LF 50 C, Clear
    LF 50 SPHR

Flexstamp Resins
Designed primarily for handstamp applications, FLEXSTAMP has been proven to be the leader in quality. FLEXSTAMP provides exposure consistency from batch to batch reducing the chance for remakes. FLEXSTAMP is ideal for envelope, tag, and label printing. Available in 40 and 50 durmometer.

    FLEXSTAMP, 40 Durometer, Clear
    FLEXSTAMP, 50 Durometer, Clear

MR 2003 Master Resin
A quick and economical alternative to metal masters for use in rubber stamp or printing plate applications. High heat resistance allows for multiple uses. Wide exposure latitude provides for excellent reverse depths.

    MR 2003, 42 - 48 Durometer (Shore D Scale), Clear

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